Friday, 25 February 2011

again and again

So ive been looking for good games recently, I just cant seem to get into any at the moment.
Today here in the UK, bulletstorm is being released and looks pretty cool, so im thinking about getting that for the 360.

Anyone playing any good games atm?


  1. best game this year is deadspace 2 so far

  2. I absolutely cannot wait to play KILLZONE 3!

  3. ...I'm still playing Dragon Age (10th playthrough).... yeah I'm a nerd!

  4. Bulletstorm, meh
    waiting for battlefield 3 here
    also nice blog :)

  5. Magicka is on Steam, great game for $10! Online play, mix elements to make custom spells and obliterate opponents. Also could try Minecraft if you're super bored, a lot of online servers have civilization structures that make the game a lot of fun.